I'm haro.
I dress in different fashion style, cosplay, and collect figures.

fashion.music.cosplay.figures.drawing. anime.manga.BL.sweets.animals. cute.gore.art




cheating during a relationship is low

getting back with someone who cheated during a relationship is lower


i’m pretty sure i’m only attracted to dudes in a “i would watch him suck a dick” way

I went back to the hospital today and the doctor told me the usual.
But the nurse…she misread my diagnosis lol
She pull out a chair and told me what she thought I had.
I was like “wait, what?”
And she asked me some questions and stuff and I didn’t know what to respond to that so just say thank you and bye lol

I got a new prescription too, so I went from 150mg a day to 600mg a day o_o